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Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding is a vital part of any business that requires a constant security presence.

Not only must Guards have the relevant qualifications and natural ability to secure premises such as factories and buildings during overnight deployments, Guards are often required to operate as a Receptionist or Concierge when working as a customer interface in office buildings, retail operations and hotels.

In these circumstances Keyguard UK Limited will supply Guards with the necessary customer service, initiative and communication skills required to liaise between customers and management.

Manned Guarding operations are coordinated by our Operations Control Room which complies with British Standard BS7499 and NSI Guarding Gold. Guards will ‘Book on’ when they arrive for their shift and continue to make hourly ‘Check Calls’ until they ‘Book Off’ at the end of their shift.

This process ensures the site is protected at all times and enables the Operations Control Room to monitor Guards throughout their shift.

This control measure gives the client peace of mind that they are receiving a service of the highest quality and it reassures the Guards that they have maximum support from Keyguard UK Limited.

Vehicle Patrol Guarding


Keyguard UK Limited provides a Vehicle Patrol Service which complements our Manned Guarding Service. Our fully trained Guards operate Vehicle Patrols which have the ability to cover large areas or spread out locations such as:

  • Multiple Branches of Business, Schools or Colleges separated by distance
  • Multiple Area High Capacity Car Parks
  • Large Industrial Areas and Business Parks
  • Railway lines and other operations

Dog Patrol Guarding

All Guard Dogs are highly trained and controlled by fully qualified SIA and NASDU Licensed Dog Handlers. The inclusion of Dog Units is recommended for certain security operations as they have the ability to:

  • Create a visual deterrent far in excess of that created by a Guard without a dog
  • Control large crowds and apprehend offenders
  • Operate in place of Guards in High Risk Areas or support an existing Security Team

For full information on Guarding Services, please contact Keyguard UK Limited to arrange a free consultation with one of our Keyguard Manned Guarding Consultants.

Event Security

Event guarding is a specialist branch of the security industry requiring SIA Licensed security personnel. Operating in a higher risk level environment than Static Guards, the events teams provide an approachable customer focused mode of operation while employing all the necessary skills of:

  • Entry and Access control
  • Car Park Management
  • Crowd Control
  • QRF (Quick Reaction Force Teams)
  • Searching
  • Stage and Pit Teams
  • Artists and VIP Escort

With vast experience securing numerous events including weekend dance promotions, concerts, sports events, exhibitions and shows, we will protect your event and your professional reputation.