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Rural Security – Day and Night

Developed initially for the Renewable Energy Sector, Keyguard UK provides the most effective rural security solution for companies of all types nationwide.

Because protecting premises, structures and equipment in rural and remote locations presents a number of unique challenges. Companies choosing to patrol their own large outdoor operations must contend with:

  • Employing and deploying the appropriate type of Security Officers.
  • Getting those Security Officers physically onto the construction site at the allotted times, consistently, and especially so in winter.
  • The ground domination of very large areas of remote/rough terrain.
  • The impracticality for Contractors to return all plant equipment to the home compound each night.
  • Remote crane pads/cabling operations at “delicate” stages.
  • Communications and lone worker safety.

At Keyguard UK we recognize that to be effective on such projects our Security Personnel need to stay on-site. The Security Officers we use for rural security embrace working away from home, they do so on a rotation basis and stay on-site in their own self sufficient accommodation.

Features of our rural security detail will always include:

  • Experienced Remote Location Security Officers.
  • Self Sufficient Caravan Accommodation. Security officers always remain on location whilst on duty.
  • Only appropriate vehicles are used to cope with the ground surface, the distances covered and the harsh environment demanded of them. Our choice of vehicle is the Mitsubishi L200.
  • 24 hour a day monitoring.
  • GPS tracking systems for both Vehicles and Security Officers.

It is with this commitment and our wide experience in this form of security that we can add tremendous value to project planners for this sector. They can be confident that during their costing or tendering stages that this ‘Turnkey Security Solution’ can be built in as part of the project and not an ‘add on’ cost at a later date. With our Remote Area Security service everything is built in, we offer the cost of providing security per day and you avoid the potentially massive loss and disruption caused by theft or damage caused by criminals or protesters because security was left out of the budget at the planning stage.

And of course the protection of established facilities like wind farms and solar farms is just as important. For a known fixed cost, the peace of mind that your installation is protected against vandalism, theft and the potentially extreme cost of a disruption of critical services is invaluable.

For more information about our options for Remote Area Security please contact the Keyguard UK Operations Department.