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Dog Patrols

Keyguard UK Limited is a member of  NASDU. The National Association of Security Dog Users. which promotes Welfare, Standards, Training and Education within the Security Dog Sector

We offer Canine Services nationwide throughought the UK,  including Guard Patrol Dogs, Explosive Detection and Passive drug detection dogs. Contact Keyguard for your national security canine solution.

Our canine handlers and there companies (canines) are highly trained to search people, vehicles and buildings for any assignment, event or festival to secure your organisation, assets, visitors and employees.

Guard Patrol Dogs

Keyguard’s guard patrol dogs offer a high visual detterent allowing you to secure your venue/premises effectivly. Our guard patrol dogs are highly trained in effective serches, tracking and officer/handeler protection. Making guard dogs a valuable asset to the security team.

Explosive Detection

With the increased risk of terrorisum it is important to have a company you can trust, with an effective solution and security team our specialy trained substance detection dogs are skilled at detecting hazzardes substances with there exspetional smell and rigurous training.

Passive Drug Detection Dogs

You may require passive drug detection dogs, that are trained to sniff out substances and other articles you wouldn’t want in your venue or festival.


require a bespoke solution? contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Keyguard UK Limited

Security Through Vigilance

Keyguard UK Ltd is a highly professional company operating at the cutting edge of the security Industry. We provide an unequalled service of many facets of security to both business operations and private customers using some most of the most advanced systems available.

With a business built on quality of service we aim to provide a service that exceeds customer high expectations for providing a value for money security solution that is second to none throughout the UK.



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