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Consultancy and Risk Assessment

Any premises whether it is a business operation or a private dwelling is at risk from crime which is why it is vital that your property is protected by a professional company.

It is vital that the client is made fully aware of all risks that may affect the security of the property or business. All premises requiring any form of security must undergo a Site Survey and a Risk Assessment before the commencement of the contract so that Keyguard UK Limited may give accurate advice and provide the appropriate service.

All Keyguard UK Limited Site Surveyor/Risk Assessors have great experience within the security industry which enables them to fully understand the exact needs of the client and the specific risks involved which threaten the security of the client’s business or premises.

A Keyguard UK Limited Risk Assessor will visit the client’s premises and carry out a Site Survey followed by a detailed Risk Assessment as part of our extensive consultancy procedure.

Once the consultancy has been completed, the customer will be presented with a Security Consultancy Report highlighting any risks plus a detailed list of appropriate solutions.

The Security Consultancy Report is available as a ‘stand alone’ service, however should the client wish to proceed with either our Keyguarding, Manned Guarding, Lockdown, Mobile Patrol, Dog Patrol or Event Guarding Service, Keyguard UK Limited will present a written proposal.

Once the client and Keyguard UK Limited have agreed the proposal, we will train our Guards with a comprehensive induction training programme before we commence with the service.


Joanna Fowler

Keyguard’s Managing Director, with over three decades of experience operating within the international security arena, Joanna has held a number of senior positions within Keyguard’s parent company, Westminster, as well as other leading international groups.

Taking a major role in the development and reorganisation of the Group’s growing Managed Services Division, including Keyguard and currently responsible for the delivery of Aviation Security Operations, K9 Operations, Manned Guarding, ASSET protection and Training, both in the UK and overseas.

Robert Lawrence

Robert Lawrence, Keyguard’s Operations Director, is the Company’s founder and has been a key driver for the Company’s success. Robert’s Army background has enabled him to civilianise military planning and systems to create a unique program which is second to none for preparing and conducting complex security operations and consultancy services.

Following Keyguard’s integration with the Westminster Group in 2018 Robert’s role has expanded and he is not only responsible for the growth and delivery of Keyguard’s UK operations but also that of certain international markets.

Main Board

A full list of our directors can be found on the Westminster Group Plc website.